Tuesday, October 21, 2008

coming soon: images!

I turned 35 last week, and a gift was a new scanner-printer-copier, thanks mom & bro. It's a HP Deskjet F-4280, and as soon as I start to get the hang of it, I'll post pictures. I'm not really that good with images and computers, so by all means, hold your breath. Still, this is a visual world most of us live in, so I'll make the effort.

I'm not psyched about being halfway to 70, but I won't make it there certainly, which is consolation. I think growing quite old must be overrated. You become weaker, forgetful, more prone to illness, and lots of other bad things. You inevitably lose loved ones, lose control of bodily functions, lose the ability to enjoy things you once quite needed, on so many levels. I know I'm focusing on the negatives, but lately I've spent some time with my grandmother, who I love wholeheartedly, but she can depress the happiest person walkin' on sunshine faster than you can say "nit". I try to cheer her up, but it's only temporary whenever I do. It's still worth it, like when I took her to Byrd Park, here in Richmond, Va to feed some ducks. We got a loaf of bread and the ducks worshipped at our feet. It's a good way to feel good about your situation, all that happy quacking, and the power, I recommend it. Anyway, so much more to come. Obama 2008!

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