Thursday, August 21, 2008

Jason Hemulin

Yesterday this truck driver Nat told me about his daughter taking up the drums, in his footsteps. She's 16, and posts on youtube, and man was it cool and refreshing to here Nat gush about his daughter. He's a really interesting guy, and easily my favorite person to work and interact with at my job at Brass Beds of Virginia. He grew up in Richmond's Oregon Hill neighborhood, which was immortalized in a Cowboy Junkies song, look it up. He's told me some great stuff over the years, less recently about Schwinn's line of Stingray bicycles, from the 60's and 70's, also look that up. His daughter posts as "flyleafer4life" and don't you forget, she's only 16, and furthermore, she could probably kick your ass, the way Nat tells it. She rocks.

Earlier this week I finished Tove Jansson's "Moomin" book series, which was a pip- some great children's lit, from Scandanavia. English translations are in print, and well worth seeking, unless you don't read, or only read crap like 'beach" lit bestsellers. These are charming and funny books, unless the inner child in you is on a milk carton, basically.

Oh! I must recommend the Soviet propaganda cartoon "Oil, War, and Hypocrisy" from the 1940's- it's also on youtube, and a bit mind-blowing, if you keep up with current international events, i.e. the war on terrorism, Russia's aggression in Georgia, and whatever else. Like a strange ctritique of U.S. non-intervention in the 1930's, only this was produced after WWII, apparently.

Admittedly, I need to make this blog more interesting to the eye, and will work on this, and figure out how to make links to other sites to keep stoking the fires of attention deficit disorder sufferers, at the very least. I've eyed an all-in-one machine or two at Office Depot I could afford, which could help me scan, paste , etc. recently. I'm below any sort of radar, for the forseeable future, so for now, this is a red dress press, and I'm a Patty, alas.

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